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What's KLMS?

Keio University LIGHT Music Society (commonly called “LIGHT”) is

The first Student Consisted Big Band ever made in Japan with the longest and stellar history

A Big Band is a type of Jazz Band consisted of 15~18 members.

Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Double Bass, Piano, Guitar, Drums and other instruments together gives a great strong sound of Jazz music.

We play Swing Jazz music written by legendary composers such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Glen Millar,

As well as our specialty, Contemporary Jazz music written by vanguards such as Jim Mcneely and Maria Schneider.

We perform more than 100 pieces from variety of jazz genres every year.


The band has also been producing countless pro musicians since its establishment in 1946.

・Eiji Kitamura, the world famous Clarinet player

・Akira Jimbo, the drummer of the Fusion Band “Cassiopeia” 

・Yuji Ono, the composer famous for the “Lupin the III”

And many other alums are playing active roles in the area.



The fundamental activities of the LIGHT are

“Competing in national contests” and “Performing in requested gigs” 


We participate in various musical contests held in Japan.

We have been competing in national contests such as the OMORI BIG BAND JAZZ FESTIVAL held in Ota City, Tokyo pref., and OTA UNIVERSITY JAZZ FESTIVAL held in Gunma Pref..

And we also have the record of both having “participating” and “winning” prizes consecutively in the largest National Big Band Contest in Japan, the YAMANO BIG BAND JAZZ CONTEST ever since the contest was established.

We also take Gig request. We receive requests from both companies and individuals, often to play as sideshows or back ground music for Company events and parties.

Learn more about requesting the LIGHT’s performance here.



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